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Tuesday Tunes

Back to another smaller dose of new tunes. There have been some good release over the last few weeks by some of my personal favorite producers….So instead of me sitting here wasting time, lets get to it.

First up, The Knocks, have just released with Fred Falke. While this isn’t my favorite track they have released, it got the proper remix treatment by Lenno, along with a few others. However, the Lenno remix just does it for me, giving it a funky fresh nu-disco feel.

Scope out his for some other amazing remixes and original tunes and mixes.

Next up, the teenage music god (ok, that is a bit too strong, but you get the point.) Madeon. He has just officially released his newest track ‘Finale’. While this personally isn’t my favorite Madeon original, I’ve still given it a few repeats on the speakers. It isn’t as upbeat and happy as his previous releases, but I’m not going to hate the kid of taking a different route with his music, when it still has a good flow to it (unlike many of his elder producers *cough cough deadmau5 cough cough*)

Where too next….Ah yes, Special Features. I first came across this talented fellow when I heard his remix of Deadmau5-Strobe (I know, quite hypocritical hating on someone, just to appreciate something a few sentences later…). I didn’t think that any remix could even make Strobe sound any better, but Special Features managed to destroy it with an insane jacked up house vibe. I have been a follower ever since. He just recently put out an original track a week ago and it gives out those same upbeat progressive house vibes that I just love. Prepare to put the dancing shoes on before hitting play.
You & Me (Original Mix – Special Features)

While I’ve been slacking on the Justice in my life lately, I always seem to pay more attention when a video is released for one of their tunes. They are usually weird, make no sense, but are strangely excited to watch. And the new video for the song ‘New Lands’ does not disappoint. If you can even begin to explain what is actually going on in this video, well, I don’t want to know, cause it’s bad ass anyways.

As always, enjoy.


After the ringing in my ears has finally stopped from the insane sounds of glorious house music, I’m here to share some of the fun. I’m gonna be real honest with you, this weekend dominated and will hold a place in my heart forever. While I was quite skeptical of not even attending the festival solo, I pushed and drank my way through the awkwardness of being alone. On the walk from the El stop I met a few randoms to talk to about the festival and upon entering the beach, I became very comfortable and realized, how can I be alone when there are thousands of other people here who have the same common interests as I do, beach, beer, house music, and a damn good dance party?

It made me appreciate electronic music, especially the house genre, even more than I all ready do. To have something so powerful bringing thousands of people together for one common goal, a kick ass dance party. EVERYONE I met was insanely friendly, willing to spare some time to talk, to share a beer or water, and just there to make the experience that amazing for everyone else. With the city that created house music, it didn’t disappoint and showed how truly powerful music, house music, really is. And that is something that I will never forget and will push me to share this same emotion with everyone I come into contact with.

As for the show.AMAZING all of the headliners I saw absolutely destroyed it. though the 20+ hours of live music I witnessed, I never heard the same song twice. I found some new artists that I will be avidly following and gained more respect in the ones I all ready do religiously follow. Here are a few of my favorite tunes from the weekend.

M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix)
Sorry M83, remixes of this song just blow the original out of the water, especially when the remixer is the one and only, Eric Prydz.

Porter Robinson – Language
By far my favorite release of 2012, this song gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and seeing it dropped live was absolutely amazing.

Fedde Le Grand – So Much Love
Last years summer anthem, still absolutely great to hear and always gets me into a dancing fun loving mood.

And finally a clip from the tune that set the mood for the last 4 hours of the night for me.

As for me, I can’t wait to be back next year and I cannot wait to enjoy and share more music with you.

Weekend Festives.

The weekend is finally here, my first real music festival, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s Chicago’s “First” Electronic festival (Spring Awakening and all the Skrillex fanbois don’t count). I am excited to see artists I love for the first time and also enjoy a wide range of artists who I have never really listened to. The last week electronic music has been dominating my head phones and the dance party as all ready begun, whether I be on the CTA, the shower, my room, or even mid-rush at the restaurant….Needless to say, I’m ready.

So why not share a few of my favorites of my obvious choices for this weekend….

First up….MSTRKRFT.
MSTRKRFT – Easy Love

Usher -Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix)

MSTRKFRT (Ft. John Legend) – Heartbreaker

Next…Eric Prydz.
Eric Prydz – Niton (The Reason)

Felix Da Housecat – Thee Anthem (Eric Prydz Remix)

Eric Prydz – Pjanoo

And while the man behind this great tune has never played this song live, nor will he ever, it still needs to be shared….

Next…Boys Noize.

While I haven’t followed his music religiously, I know his music is a bit “dirtier” than I prefer, but he does manage to make some tunes that I just can’t help but go see him over…

Boys Noize – Yeah (Original Mix)

Justice – Phantom II (Boys Noize Remix)

And lastly….Duck Sauce. The duo I am insanely excited to see!

Duck Sauce – Anyway

This song can’t be justified without the video…

And many many more that I know I am missing…However, enjoy the tunes friends!

Attempting to get back into the music scene. It’s the summer, it’s the time for music and it’s time for me to share with everyone.

Madeon, I’ve shared him before. The teenager that is going to change the EDM world for the best. This is his minimix that he busted out for Radio 1. Let’s be real, EVERYONE has a Radio 1 minimix. It’s the “cram everything and anything into 5 minutes” mix. And that is just what this kid does, except he puts it onto a higher level than many of his elders. His track-list selection rivals a Girl Talk mash-up, but is more smooth sounding then anything Girl Talk could dream of putting out. I haven’t listened to another minimix that has sounded this fantastic with the 50+ songs the teenager chooses.

If this 5 minute mix doesn’t get you jacked up, ready to dance, and wanting to look up an insane amount of tunes. As always, enjoy, and dance your asses off!

Tight Tee Tuesday Tunes.

My “professional life” has taken a toll on me getting around to making post, which obviously, makes me upset. So why not share some of my favorites over the last few weeks with you….

First up, a little bit of Futurecop!. I love Futurecop!, while this song is a bit…mainstream… from just about everything else they have done, it is amazing, let’s be honest, pop music is a guilty pleasure of mine and this remix has hit the play button many, many times over the last two weeks.

Next up Avicii with his classic tune, ‘Levels’ but remixed/played in reverse. It really is pretty dope, changes the whole feel of the song, makes it slightly more…exciting? Enjoy.

Lastly, the one and only teenager doing it big from across the pond…Madeon. His new tune ‘Icarus’ is insanely awesome. This kid is going to be doing HUGE things over the next year or two and I will be lucky enough to be seeing him in two weeks, whose excited? This guy!

As always friends, enjoy the tunes, and I will try my best to make posts more often and get back to sharing downloads from my site. Love you all!

Skrillex – Summit ft. Ellie Goulding

So where to start….I dislike Skrillex with a passion, while he has helped spread the EDM world to the masses, I just feel his music doesn’t do justice to the EDM I love and the rest of us loved before it became “normal/popular” to enjoy that type of scene. All of his music sounds the same and for him to be labeled as “dubstep” by all the worthless fan boys is just a disgrace to actual dubstep artists that have been around for years developing the sound that we now call dubstep (no, not Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, or Skrillex, THEY ARE NOT DUBSTEP!!!)

I would have never listened to this song if Ellie’s name wasn’t in the title, since we all know I have an insanely huge crush on her. And let’s be real, this song would probably blow if it wasn’t for her vocals, even though they are a minor part in the song. Honestly, the song isn’t bad, it doesn’t stick to the normal Skrillex vibe and I can respect that. If more of his music sounded like this and not his normal annoying, ear bleeding music that he puts out, I might actually be able to listen to him more often.

But before I continue to write an essay of rants, here it is. Ms. Ellie Goudling and Skrillex. It really is an addicting song that I cannot help but listen to multiple times a day….

Music has always found a way to set the tone for my moods, no matter what time of day it is, what is going on at that moment, or what my current mood is. Music always finds a way to make it better.

Cosmonaut Grechko has always been able to create spectacular songs and remixes that give you that upbeat mellow feeling, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t listen to a good chunk of his tunes on repeat on more than one occasion. This is one of those occasions. I’m not sure how he always manages to make me happy after giving a tune a listen, but he does. Whenever I hear the first few notes of this song, a smile instantly hits my face and does not seem to go away for the rest of the day. Needless to say, this is a beautiful track that won’t be leaving the playlist rotation for quite sometime.

I love everything about The Knocks, they were possibly my favorite discovery of last year. They haven’t managed to put out a song, remix, or cover that I didn’t enjoy and this one doesn’t disappoint. Personally, I enjoy it much better then the original, it has a more happy vibe to do it, I’m sure it has something to do with the change in tempo. The female vocals are amazing and a nice change from the original, Mandy Lee (who I’ve never heard of before) has a great voice and a wonderful smile to go along with it. There is a video for the song you can check out here and see what I mean about the fantastic smile. As for the tune, give it a check and a download. Enjoy!

Oh I don’t even know where to start or what to say about this remix, besides well…It’s fucking fantastic. Funky feel good vibes that will get anyone happy! I know it was worked with me. Needless to say, it’ll be on repeat for quite some time over the next few days.

Get up, smile, and dance the day away!

Zee Avi – Concrete Wall (RAC Mix)

Tis a beautiful day in Chicago and what a better way to go into the evening with some nice female vocals with a chill back beat. The man behind RAC never seems to disappoint me with his song selections to remix and his remixes don’t disappoint either. I am glad that a few of the “Dj’s” at the local bars/clubs have slowly begun to mix in a few of RACs tracks during their sets. I must say, it always makes me happier when I hear them.

As for the original artist, I had never heard of her before. However, after hearing this remix, my strange love for female vocals took me over to youtube to check out a few of her other and original tracks. I must say, she is worth a listen. She has a fantastic voice and most of her tunes have a feel good vibe to them. As always, enjoy the tune!